Sunday, November 1, 2009

A great day for tea and cookies.

My favorite cup is a bone china coffee cup with a Mackintosh design made in Scotland found in a thrift store.

A friend said Kroger was having a great sale, so I went on over. It was OK. I found baking hens for 99 cents a lb. Bought just one and a whole chicken which was smaller. I will do something with that later today.

I found a new tea called Lady Grey Tea by Twinings. It is a fragant, bright and light black tea scented with bergamot, citrus notes of organces and lemons (stated on package). Also I found windmill cookies by Archway.  Well I love the tea, it is not too flowery but just right and the cookies are big, crunchy and yummy. I have always loved windmill cookies. For those of you who have never had windmills; they are spicey with bits of almonds and shaped like a windmill. 

Well today is so sunny, a little windy, the leaves are moving all over the trees, just a perfect day (temperature is 55 but feels warmer).  I like including the weather in this food blog because weather is a big factor in our moods and we sometimes eat because of those moods. Comfort food on rainy days, salads when it is hot, or should I say ice-cream. You get the picture.


  1. you asked if we are coming into summer. Yes we are and with a bang. We have had lovely warm spring days for the last two months but today it was hot and tomorrow will be hotter.35C/95F.
    Love your cup and the windmill bikkies sound yummy.

  2. The tea sounds good on a overcast, snow predicted, day. I'm never tried the windmill cookies I will have to look for them.